Monday, 1 July 2013

Phazey bucket list

This weekend Stuart and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary together. Whilst we were waiting to  catch the ferry home we came up with a list of 30 things to do before our 2nd anniversary. Below is the list and as we tick each thing off I will be sure to update you:

Climb the bell tower in Bruges.
Go on the London cable cars.
Go snorkelling (again).
Have a no phones date night once a month.
Start learning a new language.
Visit a new country.
Run a 10k.
Give blood.
Go camping.
Watch a sunrise.
Learn to make a signature cocktail.
Learn to make/prepare sushi.
Sort our wedding album.
Drink more champagne.
Have one big blowout meal.
Go to a ballet.
Take a dance class together.
Have a winter BBQ.
Get lost somewhere.
Be in 2 places at once.
Maintain the garden.
Climb Mt Snowdon.
Go to the races.
Learn to play an instrument.
Go on a horse ride.
Find a four leaf clover.
Climb a tree.
Plan and pull off a 6 course dinner.
Get a tattoo

Bonus - Break a record!!

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  1. this is brilliant, but more than I would ever plan to do in a lifetime, you'll be busy! Five years on and our wedding album is still not finished (shame of it). I love Snowdon, on a clear day the views are spectacular x