Thursday, 25 July 2013


It's not very often that a company genuinely shocks me but today O2 have done just that. My phone bill was overdue and as a result a bar had been placed on my phone - not a problem when I am in the house as we have wifi so I was able to keep in touch with everyone thanks to iMessage. Later this afternoon though I have another counselling appointment, I had texted my husband panicking that something might happen and I would have no way of being able to contact him (or anyone else for that matter). Stuart rang O2 and explained the situation to them and the nice person at O2 agreed to lift the bar for me so that I can leave the house without worrying.
This is a huge deal for me, chances are I won't need to use my phone later, but thanks to O2 I know that I can, as a result I feel less panicky and am ready to face the world.

Thank you O2, not only for excellent customer service but also for understanding mental illness - if only there were more companies like you. FYI - my bill is now paid!!

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