Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Yesterday, unlike the song, my troubles weren't that far away, yesterday I made the decision to be honest with myself and finally pressed publish on this post. It was hard, really hard, I sat there staring at the little orange box wondering if I was doing the right thing, wishing there was someway of knowing, before I had chance to talk myself out of it I published the post and immediately shut the laptop down. After a couple of hours had passed I figured that just pressing send wasn't enough, to let people know what I was going through I tweeted a link, again I was terrified - part of me wanted to sit in my own little corner of the world, not drawing attention to myself, pleading ignorance, but that wasn't going to help me.
Last night I was inundated with tweets and messages of support, complete strangers congratulating me on speaking out, other sufferers telling me their stories and telling me that I will get better - I will treasure those messages forever, they will become my motivation, something to look back on when the going gets tough(er), my reason to keep fighting. I want to be able to sit and write a blog post about my recovery, looking back at this time and being unable to recognise myself, I know that time will come, and I know that speaking out yesterday has proven to myself that I am stronger than I ever realised.

To all of you who sent me messages, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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