About Me

Being in the water is my happy place

@GemmaEdith86 e: white_gemma@hotmail.co.uk

Hi I'm Gemma. I started this blog because I want something I can look back on in the future to help me remember everything I did, this is my own little spot on the internet where I feel I can be completely me.

Likes - Writing, Running, Coffee, Tea, Flowers, Dancing, Candles, Reading, Nail Varnish, Baking, Receiving Post (unless they are bills!!) Documentaries, Animals, Climbing Mountains, The Sea.

Dislikes - Rude People, Spitting, Traffic Jams, People who play music loudly through headphones.

I am happy for companies/brands to email me regarding product reviews etc, but I will only collaborate if I feel the subject is relevant to my blog, and I will always be honest about my opinions. 

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