Friday, 12 April 2013

My pledge...

I recently watched the above talk on TED and it got me thinking, throughout my life I have never valued anything more than a handwritten letter. At University the highlight of my week would be getting long letters from my parents and grandma filling me in on what had been happening at home and the latest gossip from around the village. Even now, I get a thrill when I see an envelope that so obviously contains a personal letter or card inside, these letters and cards can lift me out of whatever funk I have found myself in and give me motivation to keep on battling and fighting.
Recently on a walk into town, I got thinking. If getting letters makes me so happy then it must have the same effect on others, stumbling across the above video made me realise I was right. I decided that I would make a pledge to myself, not to change the world, but to help make someones day, to create a smile and a lifeline for those who need it. Therefore I am pledging to write a letter to anyone who needs it, no questions asked just pop me an email at and I promise to write to you.

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