Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday Letters #005

This series is fast becoming one of my favourite parts about blogging. It's really nice to be able to sit down on a Friday morning and recap everything that has happened during the week. This week has been a bit of a struggle - still struggling with my collar bone which has made teaching unbelievably difficult.

Dear Dad and Mom - Thank you for always being at the end of the phone with words of advice and amusing antidotes, especially this week where you have both kept me smiling :) xxx
Dear Stuart - It's almost time for you to be leaving Norfolk to head back home for the weekend, yay! Thank you for everything you have done this week - too much for me to even sit down and type it all out - I do have to get ready for work you know!! xxx
Dear Craig - WOW, I never thought you had it in you to be so romantic! I hope you and C have an incredible time in Paris, I have just about returned to my normal colour! xx
Dear F - It's amazing to think how long we have known each other and yet I feel we are closer now than we ever have been. You always know just what to say and when to see it :) xxx
Dear Twitter - Why do you favourite the strangest of my tweets?!! But hey thanks for sticking around and reading my ramblings.
Dear Me - Time to start believing in yourself and power on forward with life. Thought the above quote was particularly apt for today.


Enjoy your weekend guys!! 


  1. Have a lovely weekend with Stuart x

    1. Thank you! Hope you have a great weekend too xx

  2. Hi from Friday Letters!

    I agree with you about Twitter! My weirdest tweets seem to get more attention than my thought out ones. It's sad, haha!

    Happy Friday!

    xo, Heather

    1. Its bizarre isn't it?! Enjoy your weekend :) xx