Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday Letters #004

It's the end of another week, which means it's time for friday letters again. Really enjoying this series, it's a great way of remembering all the nice things that have happened during the week whilst forgetting the negative things.

Dear Stuart - Thank you for the last week, for the messages reminding me to shut blinds to sending dinner ideas through when I have been ridiculously tired! xxx
Dear Belle Du Brighton and Country Girl Does Norfolk - Thank you for the crazy amount of support, advice and encouragement you have given me since I started this blog. You girls rock and I owe you big time! xxx
Dear Tetley - I love you beyond belief, but you really do need to start letting me sleep through the night, otherwise i'm going to be one of those cat owners who dresses their cat up - you have been warned!! MEOW! x
Dear B - Thank you for opening up to Stuart and I, I only hope we can help and support you through this difficult time.
Dear Brain - It would be really nice if you could switch off at night and let me sleep. Those noises you hear are just noises from the garden and they are not anything worth waking up for.
Dear Legs - You rock!! This week has been jazz, ballet, tap and pointe classes on top of endless walking. Thank you for getting me through and not aching too much,
Dear Pointe shoes - Now I remember why I've not worn you for so long, you are very pretty but boy are my feet hurting today after 45 minutes of wearing you. I hope my feet get accustomed to your presence again soon.


Enjoy your weekend guys xxx

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  1. Glad you are enjoying blogging, and I really will start the letters series soon, I promise!
    It is amazing when you find people who you generally only communicate with in 160 characters or less but know that if you ever meet it will be like you've known each other for ages! xx
    Oh! and I do NOT envy you in pointe shoes again, so crazy! My old dance school is having their 25 year celebration show the saturday after myw edding, and I was invited to dance in it but couldnt because of the wedding and not being able to make rehearsals and stuff.. BUM!