Friday, 7 December 2012

Friday Letters #013

It's the end of a fairly mixed week for me, one which has seen me not write a single blog post until today. I'm not entirely sure why, I know what I want to blog about but I have no motivation to actually sit and type anything, I'm really hoping that by Sunday night I'll be ready to sit down and do a weeks worth of blogging :)

Dear Glasses - Well so far you seem to be working, yesterday was the first headache free day since September. Remembering to wear you will be difficult but I'm going to do my best to remember.
Dear Mom - Thank you for the chat last night, you had me in hysterics! xxx
Dear Snow - I love you and you make me feel so happy and Christmassy, but could you possibly not come back until I've finished work?
Dear Transport - WHY is it that one tiny bit of snow and the whole train system shuts down?
Dear Stuart - Hopefully you'll get snow soon and not boring old sleet! xxx
Dear Body - You only have next week left and then I promise to let you relax, sleep in and not keep making you do Grade 6 ballet every day!!
Dear Christmas - Why do I feel no Christmas spirit yet?! Very excited to spend some time with my family but as yet I'm not looking forward to Christmas at all.

This weekend is a busy one for me - I have a Glee club tomorrow morning and then some of the girls I teach Jazz to are dancing at the switching on of the lights in the local area. 



  1. So glad your glasses are working their magic, it must be a relief x

    1. It really really is - just wish I had got them much sooner :) x