Friday, 30 November 2012

Friday Letters #012

Happy Friday everyone, this has been a really hectic week but I'm hopeful that this is the last week where I will be suffering from the daily headaches - fingers crossed!

Dear F - Thank you for everything - for listening, for offering advice and for supporting and encouraging! xxx
Dear Optician - Thank you for getting to the bottom of the headaches, 2 hours in a dark room discovering that my eyesight is bad will be worth it next week when the headaches disappear :)
Dear Alarm - I really am starting to not like you very much, maybe we could come to some sort of deal where you only wake me up when its warm?
Dear D - Thank you for the message of support this week xx
Dear Stuart - After a hectic start to your week I'm glad that it got itself sorted out quickly xxx
Dear Facebook - I'm debating get rid of you for a little bit, you are just to much of a distraction!
Dear Application - Please do well.
Dear Dad - I loved our impromptu chat earlier this week :) xxx
Dear Mom - So looking forward to our theatre trip in a couple of weeks, I feel like we both really deserve it! xxx

Enjoy your weekend guys. RAWR!


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  1. Let me know how that alarm thing works out for you - I can use all the help I can get :)

    Stop by and say hi sometime! --