Monday, 12 November 2012

Filling in the blanks

The lovely Lauren posted this post here which I absolutely loved and so I decided to fill in the blanks for myself!

I'm weird because...
I can't sleep closest to the door
I have a problem with people cracking any part of their body - it drives me crazzzzy
I like to read trashy gossip magazines in a hot bubble bath
I love to go on long autumnal walks  
I prefer to text than call
I eat far too many Starbucks lemon and poppy seed muffins
I can't sleep in a bed with no duvet, no matter the temperature
I'm scared of spiders
I don't eat pork or lamb
I take a lot of time trying to decide what to eat when I go out - if i've not looked at a menu beforehand I normally just go for the vegetarian options!
I have a problem with people who walk in front of me and then just stop for no reason
I start my shopping with the items on the list (if food shopping) or by heading straight to the shops I know and love (if clothes shopping)
I would rather have friends round for dinner and drinks than go out
I could eat cheese and olives all day long
I would rather watch sport live than on the tv
I do a happy dance when my baking experiments go correctly - and taste delicious
I know how to pirouette 

I'm a bad friend because...
I sometimes like to enjoy my own company
I am terrible at opening up to other people until I know them really well
I have trouble forgiving and forgetting
I always like to be in control

I'm a good friend because...
I want to see the people I love happy
I love to send little surprises in the post to brighten a day
I'm not afraid to tell the truth
I always say things the way I see them

I'm sad because...
I wish that I'd made more time for people before they were taken away from me
I sometimes overanalyse things 
I need to be better at letting go of the past
I wish I had not spent so much time worrying about the future when I was growing up

I'm happy because...
Of the fact that no matter where in the world one of my best friends is we always make time for each other
It's that time of year when I can legitimately wear big snuggly jumpers and scarfs
This time next year I'll have made a big step forward in my career


  1. I find it fascinating to read about other people's quirks and hates! I'm such a worrier too and completely over-analyse too, no idea how to stop. x

    1. It drives me crazy - I worry about things before they have eve happened! x

  2. yay you did it too! Its fun to write eh? love to learn more about you!

    1. It was so much fun to do - took me a while to get it written up but I really enjoyed it! x