Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday Letters #010

So glad this week is over, unfortunately for me I don't get a day off until Tuesday so i'll be making the most of that with a day of relaxing before heading to the opticians and doctors to try and get to the bottom of all these headaches.

Dear Headaches - You have become a part of my life now, I don't like you though and I cannot wait for you to be gone.
Dear Sniffers - I know having a blocked nose is horrible, but please please just bow it rather than sitting behind me for an hour sniffing.
Dear Stuart - I'm really proud of the way you have carried on this week, you are great at your job, keep going xxx
Dear Lilies - I love you and the way you have made my house smell beautiful, i just wish you could last forever.
Dear Self - It's probably about time I started looking after you better, more sleep and less worrying.
Dear Brain - I'd love it if you could just switch off when I got into bed, that'd make me feel much better.
Dear Stuart - Thank you for just being there for me xxx
Dear F - You are an amazing friend and for that I thank you - you always know what to say and when to say it. xx

Happy weekend guys Don't forget to support the Give and Makeup shoebox campaign.


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  1. have you been to the doctor about your headaches? Take care of yourself hun x