Friday, 2 November 2012

Friday Letters #008

After a difficult last week this week has, thankfully, been much better. Getting away from Canterbury and life in general has helped enormously and I now feel I am in a much better place than previously.

Dear F and R - Thank you for all your help last weekend, you were both amazing and both Stuart and I consider ourselves lucky to have you guys as friends. xx
Dear Norfolk - You are beautiful, I love the amazing sunsets you've given me this week!
Dear Tetley - WOW, being away from you for a week is hard, prepare for cuddles and lots of fuss on Monday! xx
Dear Weekend - You are jam packed this week - sleep over with friends, fireworks, visiting in-laws and then the drive back to Norfolk, please don't pass by too quickly.
Dear Endo - you tried to ruin the week but you were unsuccessful, please go away and don't come back again for a real long time.
Dear S and C - Thank you for Wednesday evening, we had a great time! xx
Dear Stuart - Thank you for being patient and for understanding how tough the last couple of weeks have been, you really are one in a million xxx


Enjoy your weekend xx

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