Friday, 23 August 2013


Today a friend of mine is getting married - a friend who was there when I said my vows, a friend who was there through break ups and new relationships, tears and laughter. I am not at the wedding, not because I don't want to be but because I am not invited, bridges have been burnt and although I have tried to reconcile my efforts have been in vain. I won't be there to watch her walk down the aisle, or see her promise to love her new husband through the good times and the bad, I wont see them dance, or toast the happy couple. Instead I will be here, thinking about them both, sending them all the love in the world and then some. Sure we may not speak anymore but that doesn't stop a part of my heart from belonging to her.

A & K I wish you all the happiness and love in the world xxx

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  1. Sorry to hear about this, I'm sure it's hard but if you have made your efforts to make things right, then you've done what you can x