Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hand Care

I have always suffered with dry hands, I have tried everything including the most heavy duty hand creams I have been able to find but all to no avail, I had pretty much given up hope but then I was introduced to the 60 second fix for hands by Crabtree and Evelyn.

crabtree and evelyn hand cream
There are two parts to this, firstly you massage an exfoliator onto dry hands for about 15 to 20 seconds before rinsing it off with warm water, after drying with a towel you then massage the hand cream into hands and voila - smoother softer hands in approximately 1 minute. 

Although this product is billed as a fix for hands it can be used on other body parts successfully, my husband has notoriously dry elbows he tried this product out on one elbow to be able to see what (if any) the difference was, he was amazed, the scaliness of his elbow had vanished and it felt incredibly smooth, even 24 hours later the difference was still remarkable. 

I currently own the Citron scented product as we decided that it wasn't too girlie for my husband to use, however I can recommend the Rosewater kit as it smells divine. You can purchase the sets here, I know as soon as I run out I'll be back in store stocking up.

Small Print - I purchased this product myself and have not been asked to provide a review.    

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