Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bank Holiday

Although I spent most of the weekend feeling poorly and incredibly sorry for myself, I did manage a fun trip to Whipsnade Zoo with Stuart and my brother and sister in law along with their two adorable children. We had originally planned to spend the day wondering around St Albans, but due to traffic on route we all quickly changed our minds (thank goodness for smart phones!) It was an absolutely glorious day, even queuing for an hour and 10 minutes to get in didn't dampen our sprits. I would highly recommend a trip to the zoo, the animals all had lots of space to roam around and all seemed pretty happy to be there. It was expensive to get in £21 per adult plus £4 for the car park, but we easily spent 5 hours wondering round, if you dod decide to visit, make sure you take your own refreshments as the queues for the limited amounts of cafes were monstrously long - although this could be because it was a hot bank holiday in England!!


  1. looks like a lovely day out!

    1. It really was! We don't get to see them very often as we are in Canterbury and they are up near Derby so we make the most of the snatched opportunities :) Helped that the sun was shining all day too! xx

  2. Some lovely shots of you and Stuart! I would love a day at the zoo (but gosh, it's expensive!) x