Monday, 4 March 2013

Last week...

Last week I decided to start a series of posts on a Monday which helped me reflect on the good things that had happened the week before, rather than concentrate on the times the anxiety got on top of me. To me this means I start each week with a celebration of everything I have achieved no matter how small they may mean to anyone else.

This week I:
Choreographed an amazing pointe dance, enjoyed a candlelit dinner with my husband, got lots of cuddles from the children I teach, was praised by a mom for my hard work, had an incredible put the world to right chat with my mom, leant that I cannot change the past, visited Starbucks alone without it turning into a panic attack, reached out for help, enjoyed some me time without worrying about what I needed to get done.

I may have felt the grip of anxiety on every day last week, but every time I did I managed to overcome it, to breathe and to let the rational part of my brain take over.

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