Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my moms birthday so I have decided to dedicate this blog post to her.

My mom is my best friend, there is not one thing I can't tell her, she is always at the end of the phone whether I need advice, to gossip, or someone to listen to me. She has spent 26 years selflessly wiping away my tears, gently nudging me in the right direction and being the champion of my career. I have amazing memories of my childhood, from incredible picnics (my mom always made the best spread) to holidays where we sat around a bbq playing a card game that only my immediate family seems to know.

When my mom had me she gave up on her dream of being a nurse to care for me, and then my brothers, she worked as much as she physically could to make sure that we never went without, often sacrificing her own wants and needs. 2 years ago she went to university to achieve her dream of becoming a nurse, she is working unbelievably hard and I cannot find the words to express just how incredibly proud of her I am, I cannot wait to sit in the audience and watch her graduate next year.

Mom, I just want to say thank you for everything, for always being there for me, for always having the words to comfort me and for quite literally being the best mom and best friend I could ask for. Love you xxxx

N.B - My mom never believes how going back to Uni when she has in an achievement in itself so today I will be collecting messages to show her just what an achievement it really is, please feel free to add your message of support at the bottom. xx

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