Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I Get Knocked Down

Last week was tough, not only did I have the nasty bug that has been doing the rounds, I also had a relapse in my anxiety treatment. I can't tell you what triggered the relapse but I woke up on the Monday morning paralysed with fear that something was about to go wrong, I obsessed constantly about Stuart driving to and from work, about how I was going to get to work and about whether or not I had secured the house before leaving. Other than going to work I find it pretty much impossible to leave the house, I spent my days doing nothing but disappearing into the world of books - an old habit from when I was younger.
I let the anxiety take over my life for a week and I didn't like how it left me feeling, I was miserable, vulnerable, ashamed and most of all desperate to get back onto the right path again. Stuart was my saviour, he reassured me that I could pick myself back up again, and that I was allowed relapses as long as I didn't let the anxiety win every time. After a break away from social media and this blog I am now ready to face the big wide world again, taking small steps I know that eventually I will get to the point I was at only a couple of weeks ago and continue on the long path to an anxiety free life.

Thank you for sticking with me xx

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