Monday, 18 February 2013

The Weekend

Weekends have taken on an added importance to Stuart and I since he started working away during the week. We always try and make elaborate plans and yet never stick to them. This past weekend was absolutely perfect though, Stuart surprised me after work on Friday with some beautiful flowers:

Saturday, once I had finished work, we went for a lovely stroll around Canterbury, marvelling at the sunshine and the beautiful city we currently live in, discussing our plans for the future and just enjoying each other company. Sunday involved doing nothing at all, other than enjoying a yummy M&S meal deal for dinner and a rather nasty game of Monopoly! I absolutely abhor losing and Sunday was not my lucky day, I have a strategy for playing Monopoly which involves owning the train stations, utility companies and the more expensive property on the board. All of this was working in my favour except Stuart did not land on my property during the game, I mean not even by accident to try and help a wife out!! Eventually we gave up playing - read I got annoyed I was losing so quit - and instead decided to watch Nothing to Declare on Living which we have both really got into recently!

Stuarts winnings :(

During the game

Today I have started a new shoe box for Give and Make up - more information on the charity can be found here and here. Please do check it out as it is a fantastic charity to support.

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