Friday, 22 February 2013

Friday Letters #020

This week I've been on half term unfortunately the dreaded lurgy caught up with me and I have spent most of the week lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. Got lots planned for the weekend so I am hoping that I'll be better soon.

Dear Stuart - Thanks so much for coming home on Wednesday to look after me, it meant so much :) xxx
Dear Mom - Our conversations always make me smile. I love that we have a similar sense of humour and that we can pick each other when we aren't feeling great xxx
Dead Dad - I'm sorry for not warning you about Hurricane Mom! Hopefully there won't be another one for some time now!! xxx
Dear Eyes - You really have started to fail me this week, I'm blaming being poorly, but seriously mixing oven cleaner and polish up is a step too far!
Dear Skin - I get it i'm sick, that does not give you the right to be ridiculously dry and be drinking my moisturiser as quickly as you are. Does anyone have any go to products they can recommend to get my skin feeling/looking nice again?
Dear H - I tried I really did but it would appear that my reaching out to you wasn't enough. I'm sorry that our friendship has ended this way, over something so petty, but I can't keep putting my energy in when you are obviously not interested. 
Dear Stuart - Thank you for my flowers, they have kept a much needed smile on my face this week xxx
Dear Anxiety - I bet you thought you were winning didn't you? I bet you thought I wouldn't find the strength to beat you didn't you? Well this week has shown me that I can, I am now more determined that ever to defeat you.
Dear Followers - I need advice - I am after some new books to read, anything is good by me, thank you! Also to those of you that I have promised a letter I will get round to it I promise, time has just ran away with me a little bit recently x


Enjoy your weekend guys, and if you have any skincare or book recommendations please do leave them below xx


  1. I found your blog from the linkup! I am your newest follower. Happy Friday!

    Significance or Nothing.

  2. love love love your blog name! :)
    and as far as books go, I love the Pioneer Woman's High Heels to tractor wheels.

  3. are you on sign up and you can find books based on what you've read and stuff, its awesome. My profile is below, utb rarely actually write reviews but I do give a rating our out 5 for each one! and if you want a review of anything do just ask me!

  4. or actually I think its this:

  5. It is scary when you read the wrong name on products, I once put white vinegar instead of rice wine vinegar into a slow cooked asian chicken dish .... the house smelt like vinegar and it was inedible. Not my proudest cooking moment!
    The Book Thief or One Day are my latest favourites really great reads :)

  6. Hope you are feeling better, glad you have your bf and mom to look after you and lol about hurricane mom and not warning your dad ha! I found bath and body works body butter is amazing and keeps the moisture in!