Monday, 18 February 2013

3 days!

As Monday draws to a close I have sat back, had a little think about the last couple of days and then it hit me - I've had three whole days of no anxiety whatsoever. Days full of laughter, sunshine, talking and understanding. I know tomorrow could be horrible, that I might struggle to be motivated, that I might want to lie in my PJs all day watching rubbish TV, but this weekend has proven that I can and will get better. I wanted to put this on the blog so that the next time I am feeling down I can look back at this and remember just how good it felt to not feel tied down by anxiety.


  1. Baby steps Gemma. Nice work.

    Soon it will be three weeks, and then 3 months, and one day in the future you will be able to say three years.

    1. Thank you Kellie :) Starting to feel like I am getting there now xxxx