Thursday, 13 September 2012

The first hurdle is always the hardest.

76 days ago I got married, we stood up in front of our family and friends and promised to love each other through the easy and the hard times, never did I think the hard times would come so quickly.

My husband is a locum sport and exercise rehabilitator, we moved to Canterbury as he was based at the barracks here in town and we very quickly fell in love with the city. Unfortunately as an agency worker he had to take a break in employment which coincided with us returning to the UK after our honeymoon. This was amazing, in one sense, as it meant that we started married life spending lots of time together. We struggled through each week, budgeting like crazy, researching free days out and planning all the exciting things we wanted to do once the money started to come in again. Then we got the news that his next job would be in Norfolk, 141 miles away from our home in Canterbury.

I am lucky, I have a husband who 100% supports what I do and encourages me every step of the way, it's only fair that I do the same for him. There is every chance that at the end of his temp contract he will be offered a permanent job up there, if this happens we will relocate and I will rebuild my school all over again. This isn't the hard part, I'm lucky I can work anywhere, the hard part is being apart. The lack of company during the evenings, the silence in the house, the overwhelming feeling of loneliness. I was brought up to be independent and my parents did an amazing job, I love my own company and am happiest when I am immersed in a book or watching a history documentary, however I also love having the company of others. I have been surprised just how hard this last week has been. Whilst we have been able to facetime in the evenings (an amazing invention!) we don't get to speak much during the day as he is obviously working and can't be distracted, next week we will talk even less as I generally don't get home form work until 11pm at the earliest. This is the toughest part for me, I don't want to be a 'weekend wife' and I am busy trying to come up with ways to keep our marriage exciting when we have such limited contact with each other.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep things interesting when we are so far apart?

Feeling - Melancholy and hungry (there's a banana bread baking the oven and it smells amazing!!)
Listening to - Legally Blonde (trying to get some ideas for next weeks classes)
To do - Go into town and get my fringe cut, I am now struggling to see!


  1. Gosh, It can't be easy for you at all!
    I am a bit worried about post wedding, as although we live together Sam normally does evening shifts (2 or 3 through to 11/12 or sometimes even later, 4.30amish!) and I tend to go to work early, so am up at 6am, so we're like ships in the night at the moment, and unless one of us changes jobs it won't change anytime soon!

    Don't really know what to say to help, maybe write him an email when you cant talk to him, you can add things to it as the day goes on, when you would normally text him, and then send it to him as you go to work in the afternoons, then hopefully he can reply ready for you to finish!?

    1. The email idea is fantastic definitely going to give that one a go, thank you!!