Monday, 17 September 2012

Chalk and Cheese -- a review

Last Thursday I went up to Norfolk to spend a few days with my husband, we wanted to eat out but couldn't decide where to go, Stuart asked some of the people at work and Chalk and Cheese came out tops, so a table was booked and off we went!

Chalk and Cheese is located in a tiny little village called Shouldham, I love villages and as we drove through this one I completely and utterly fell in love and immediately added it to my 'to view' list if we do end up moving up this way. As we drove into the car park we were greeted by this:
                               (from the website)

Chalk and Cheese used to be a Victorian School which was converted into a home in 2001 before being expanded into a farm shop, bar, restaurant and accommodation. As I walked through the front door it felt like I was walking into a friends house, from the warm welcome by the chef to the adorable dog keeping guard on the rug, I was in love! We were invited to take a seat in the bar - which was exactly how I would love my future lounge to be.

the view from our table.

the bar.

our coasters - adore them!

Our table.

The seating area.

I normally feel uncomfortable in bars, never knowing where to sit, how to act, what to order etc... however this bar was incredible, it felt like I was in a friends lounge where I was free to look around and order in my own time. Our orders were taken and they were extremely accommodating, there was so much on the menu that I wanted that I couldn't decide what to order. They offer a pizza which you can watch being made in the wood fired pizza oven. Whilst we were waiting we were given some calamari which is easily some of the best calamari I have ever eaten. I have to admit I was a bit confused about what was going on, I wasn't sure if the bar was also the restaurant or if there was somewhere else to go - all became clear though when we were escorted to our table in a beautiful conservatory.

There were 4 tables set up which I loved - it meant that Stuart and I could have a conversation with each other without competing with other people. There was a small system providing music, which provided a lovely background noise without being too much (I hate when you go out for food and are having to talk above the music in order to have a conversation). Almost immediately we were brought our starters, mine a particularly delicious Bruschetta (£4.95) and Stuart ordered Cheesy potato wedges, minus the cheese (£2.75).

(yes I took a bite before taking a picture!)

After devouring the starters there was only about a 5 minute wait for our main courses, amazing! I had ordered the Spaghetti Bolognaise (10.95) whilst Stuart had Roast leg of lamb with swede, roast parsnips and garlic and rosemary potatoes (£12.95).

I am a huge hater of lamb, the smell, the texture, everything - however, for the first time in my life I was tempted to try some, I didn't but the intent was there! This was easily the best dinner I have ever eaten in a restaurant in my life. Everything about the service was fantastic and we were left to enjoy our dinner without being asked every 5 minutes if everything was ok!

When we had finished dinner and regretfully had to turn down dessert as we were just too full, we were invited to go back into the bar area to relax and let our dinner go down. This time we took full advantage of the huge sofas which were unbelievably comfy, I could've just curled up and gone to sleep in fact! 

I adored this restaurant and would highly recommend it to anyone who happens to be in the area, even if you aren't near by it is well worth a visit, maybe stay over and take advantage of the beautiful looking rooms (yes I checked them out on the website!) Chalk and Cheese was less restaurant and more eating dinner at a friends house - it is definitely one of the better things about Stuart working up in Norfolk, i'll definitely be suggesting we go back the next time I am able to visit him!

The Gents toilet :)

The sign on leaving - love!

The restaurant at night - taken as we left.

Website -
Telephone - 01366 348039

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  1. This looks like an awesome place. I'm not all that far away so will try to pop along at some point to try it out for myself x

    1. It was awesome, can't wait to go back :) If you are nearby we might be neighbours next year!! x

  2. looks so cute!

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    1. It is incredibly cute, easily one of my favourite places to eat at the minute! Thank you for following :)