Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday night

Wow this weekend has disappeared so quickly, I always find that's the way when you look forward to something so much. Had a lovely quiet weekend with Stuart before he heads back to Norfolk in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Lots of baking done this weekend: Garlic and Rosemary bread, Butternut Squash soup, Chocolate tart and Honeycomb - all the recipes will be appearing this week and they all tasted delicious - yay!!

Last week was an exceptionally tough week, lots seemed to happen over such a short period of time that left me feeling really down. Friends who I used to be really close to seem to have become really distant and i'm not entirely sure how I feel about that at the minute. I ended up spending Wednesday in bed feeling unbelievably poorly and sorry for myself, then to top it all off I overslept Friday morning and ended up rushing around to get ready for work which resulted in me hitting my funny bone on the wall - really not so funny!

All in all feeling very ready for the new week to start, teaching all through the latter part of the week so will spend tomorrow and Tuesday baking, cleaning, blogging, filling in application forms and trying not to miss the husband too much!

Listening to - X Factor is on in the background but i've kind of zoned it out!
Feeling - Tired, lack of sleep last night thanks to a cat that wanted lots of fuss.
To Do - Decide what to have for dinner before Downton Abbey starts :)

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