Thursday, 20 September 2012

30 things to do before i'm 30 - Part 2

11 - Attend the last night of the proms.
When I was a little girl my big treat of the year was being allowed to stay up with my dad to watch the last night of the proms, from the first time we watched it together I have always wanted to go and watch, however life seems to have gotten in the way. In the next 4 years I have every intention of going with my dad and one of my brothers - probably to Hyde Park as i'm not sure we can commit to attending the whole of the prom season.

12 - Visit Japan during cherry blossom season
A friend of the family once visiting Japan and came home with incredible photographs and stories, I remember sitting listening to them all fascinated and then trying to recreate the photographs with my colouring pencils (completely unsuccessful). Now I am older i'd love to go and experience the magic for myself.

13 - Run a marathon
This has been on my to do list for a long time, in fact I once started training for a marathon and then got injured so I had to stop. I used to love running, at school I couldn't get enough, and I ran all through college and university and then something changed, I appear to have fallen out of love with the idea of running. Once i'm out I love it, its the getting out that I am currently having problems with, i'll have to get out of this rut i'm in if i'm ever going to cross this one off the list.

14 - Make something - pottery/ceramics
In my future house (number 7) I want to be able to point at something and say 'I made that'. I'm under no illusions about how hard this will be, we had to use clay at school and I ended up with a sort of clay blob which was of no use to anyone at all! I might have to try and find evening classes to go to so that I can be taught exactly what to do :)

15 - Pose nude for an art class
This was suggested to me by a friend of mine and I thought it was so crazy I just had to do it. I have a really negative body image so seeing myself through the eyes of others might just be the push I need to start feeling more positive about myself, of all the things on the list this is the one that I am most terrified about!

16 - Volunteer
I have always had every intention to volunteer, be it in a local charity shop or something further afield, life just seems to get in the way. I am now determined that one summer before I am 30 I will have spent 6 weeks doing something good just because.

17 - Dye my hair a crazy colour 
I naturally have really dark hair which until recently has always been its natural colour. There was a crazy couple of months when I was 13 that I had blonde streaks put through it, this resulted in me looking like i'd had a terrible accident with a passing bird! I've previously had a bright red flash on one side of my hair which I loved, especially as it was so low maintenance. I'd love to go pillow box red but i'm not sure i'd be dedicated enough to keep on top of the colour, all I know is that sometime in the next 4 years my hair will be a colour other than brown/black.

18 - Be able to fix one thing in every room in my house, single handedly
I saw this idea on someone else's list and thought it was a great idea. It doesn't have to be anything huge, but I would like to know that I have the knowledge to fix something and fix it well. My father in law has a reputation at being a 'bodger' when it comes to fixing things so he might have to be the person to teach me!!

19 - Learn to change a tire
This has been added to the list after following a conversation on Facebook between two friends of mine who had been stuck on the side of a road waiting for the AA to come and change a tire on their way for a night out, I never want to be in that situation. Before my grandfather died he told me that it was important for a girl to know her way around a car so in his memory I am going to learn.

20 - Write more letters
I adore receiving letters in the post I just wish it would happen more often. When I was at university the highlight of my week was getting a letter in the post from my parents and grandma. I used to write letter to everyone - friends, family and pen pals in Carlisle, France and Germany. From now on I am going to endeavour to write letters on a much more regular basis, even if it is only to say 'hello' to a friend.

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To do - Eat dinner!!

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