Monday, 7 October 2013


It struck me recently that we are rarely ever alone, even when we are overwhelmed with loneliness. I love having my own time - having space to read, write or daydream, however I normally have tetley to accompany me, yes he may be a cat but I still talk to him about life! Even last year when Stuart was away I still wasn't alone, I spent my days with the children I was teaching, evenings chatting to Stuart, my mom and various friends and yet I was lonely.

Is loneliness just something we have invented? In a world where we are able to be connected with anyone all over the world in an instant how is it possible to be lonely? I found myself wondering if it was selfish to feel lonely, after all there are people in this world who have absolutely nothing. 

Feeling alone is horrible, my eating disorder relishes in making me feel like I have no one at all, and yet I do. I am surrounded by a loving family, friends and hugely supportive bloggers, loneliness has no place in my life.

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