Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday Letters #018

Yay it's Friday, this means the weekend is just around the corner, my husband is back tonight for the weekend and we can officially spend the next few days just chilling out together, can't wait!

Dear Anxiety - I am not going to let you beat me, you may make me cry, stop me eating and make even the most mundane tasks feel terrifying, but I know over time I will crush you and come out of these dark weeks as a stronger person.
Dear Stuart - Thank you, just for being you - you always know what to say to make me smile, to cheer me up and to lift me up when I am down xxx
Dear Dino Princess Char - Your present turned up at the perfect time, thank you so much for thinking of me and sending such a lovely gift xx
Dear Readers - I want to get back to writing more letters, if any of you guys are interested then please let me know and send me a message with your address :)
Dear Tetley - I adore you, but the late night attention seeking has to stop xx
Dear Neighbours - The late night singing/shouting has really got to stop, as has your dog who has starting barking at roughly 4.30am every day this week - enough!!
Dear Snow - I loved waking up on Sunday and seeing you had covered Canterbury, I loved the walk Stuart and I took together, what I don't love is how you disrupt everything. I would really appreciate it if you could go now and send some warmer weather in your wake.

A snowy walk :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend xxx


  1. Happy Friday! I know all about anxiety -- it sure sucks! You can do it :-)


  2. Those neighbors don't sound very nice!! How annoying! And I agree - the snow is pretty for a little bit, but I am ready for some warmer weather! And sun!