Sunday, 2 February 2014


Wow I can't believe that it's now February, January seems to have flown by whilst all dragging on - not sure if that makes any sense at all but hey ho! I have decided to start a little series of posts celebrating what I have achieved in the past months and outlining my hopes for the incoming one.

In January I:
Learnt to knit - post coming soon!
Enjoyed a photoshoot with my husband.
Tried (and loved) aerial hoop.
Started to recognise the symptoms of a relapse and have made efforts to stop it in it's tracks.
Began to learn a new language - review coming soon!
Started my next lot of teaching exams.
Starting thinking about a holiday :)

In February I:
Want to continue my recovery.
Enjoy regular dates with my husband.
Make a better effort to stay in touch with my friends.
Make more time for myself.

It's kinda exciting for me to see the small improvements I am making every day, I am gradually getting stronger and learning to realise that a bad day does not equal bad recovery!

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