Monday, 3 March 2014


Wow February has flown by, I honestly cannot believe that it is March already, this year is whizzing by way too quickly for my liking!

In February I:
Helped raise awareness of eating disorders thanks to Beat and Cosmopolitan
Enjoyed a fabulous weekend with my Nephew and Niece - there is nothing better than cuddles with these two:
Finished organising my best friends hen party - so excited!!
Accepted that recovery is hard and that recognising the symptoms of relapsing is important
Finally satisfied my craving for Legally Blonde :)

In March I:
Will be taking my next lot of teaching exams
Hope to pull myself out of the funk I currently find myself in and continue recovering
Will be taking my recovery to the next stage thanks to an extremely understanding GP
Will make more time for myself
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I've realised that I'm not very good at pointing time by for myself to relax and just do nothing. At the minute I am inundated with work, which although great means I feel guilty for relaxing with a book that isn't about ballet.

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