Saturday, 15 August 2015

I'm back!!

I am back! After an extended leave from this blog I am now back and raring to get going again. This year has been all sorts of crazy - my marriage broke down, I finally feel like I am in a good place with my recovery, I met someone new and I am looking for a new place to call my home.

Where to start? I don't want to go into that much detail about my marriage breakdown but I am happy now which tells me the decision was correct. Seperating is never fun no matter what the circumstances, unfortunately I have learnt the hard way  which of my friends and family support me.

Recovery is great, really really incredible. Reaching this place has been real hard work, a combination of tears, relapsing, discovering a unknown strength but it is really worth it. Recovery has opened my eyes to how wonderful life can be when I am not consummed with fear about food.

This summer has been great, a trip to Wales opened my eyes to the joys of scrambling (there is a blog post coming soon all about Wales). I have spent quality time with my family, seen friends and read a vast number of books.


  1. Hey, you.
    I'm so glad to see you back, I know how difficult life can be at times. I sometimes feel like I have been on a journey far ahead of my years (and to hell and back too many times), but I've realised that inner strength, belief, courage and happiness is worth fighting for. If it takes a day, a year, a decade to find that, then time is irrelevant, because when you finally catch hold of it - life really begins. And all the worries, insecurities and upset disappears forever.
    You are a strong woman, and I admire you for being so honest and brave x x x

  2. Gemma, I'm so pleased to see that things are getting better for you. I'm sorry to hear about the bad times but glad that things are going well now.